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Harken Spirits, Inc. is a small and young company that aspires to bring rare wines, beer and spirits from around the world into the California market and specializes in providing our customers with superior wines from Israel. We are committed to maintaining a small and select portfolio of wines with distinctive tastes.

Founded in January, 2012, our first shipment of wine arrived in April, 2012 to warehouses in Northern and Southern California. We strive to provide superlative service to our customers by listening, searching, serving, innovating, and, of course, tasting to anticipate and meet their needs and desires. The wines we import currently come from three wineries, each producing distinctive, kosher wines of excellent quality that reflect unique regional characteristics.

At the moment we have some exceptional, award winning Israeli wines that have never been offered in California until now! Three wineries; Gush Etzion, Kadesh Barnea, and Har Bracha, each represent distinctively different growing regions in Israel.

Ideal environments and state of the art winemaking produce wines that are complex, expressive, harmoniously integrated, and reflect the very best qualities of each region. We expect you will truly appreciate the great qualities in these kosher wines.

Today we serve the wholesale market exclusively. AND NOW... we offer wines for sale to individuals on the internet. Also, look for us in food fairs, wine events and other social affairs in Los Angeles and the San Francisco bay area.

Gush Etzion
Kadesh Barnea Winery
Har Bracha Winery
Unique Israel Wines!
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Unique Israel Wines!