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Kadesh Barnea Winery - Overview    
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Founded in 2000 by Nira and Alon Zadock, Kadesh Barnea is a boutique winery producing around 50,000 bottles annually.

Located in the Negev desert, the vineyard benefits from well aerated and mineral rich soil, hot, dry days and cold, breezy nights. The end result is robust vines, and grapes that ripen more quickly. The arid climate and physical isolation of the vineyard eliminates the need for pesticides. The harvest is carried out in the chill of night thus maximizing the excellent qualities of the grapes.

Unwavering attention to detail and state of the art winemaking produce wines that carry the essence of the desert in each bottle. Aged between 10 and 18 months in French and American oak casks, the wines feature the tastes and scents that are unique to the Negev region.



Kadesh Barnea Wines

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