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IIn 1882, Michael and Malka Chamiletzki, first set foot upon the land of Zichron Ya’akov, after emigrating from Lithuania. Commissioned  to plant vineyards by Baron Edmund de Rothschild, the world-reknown winemaker, the family settled in nearby Shefeya, and immediately set to work cultivating the land and planting vines.  – Today, 120 years later, the region is surrounded by an abundance of sprawling vineyards and the TISHBI family owns and runs one of the most successful wineries in Israel.  Founded in 1985 by great-grandson Jonathan Tishbi, the TISHBI winery produces a variety of wines to satisfy the needs of both the sophisticated connoisseur and the value-minded consumer.

A multi-generational connection with the land, vine cultivation and winemaking yields award-winning wines of exceptional quality that eloquently reflect the best characteristics of the terroir of the region.




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Unique Israel Wines!