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2011 Tishbi Estate Chardonnay  
Varieties: 100% Chardonnay - Wine Notes:This harmonious and balanced wine displays concentrated flavors of apples, pears, white peaches and fresh pineapple. This wine is a perfect accompaniment to cheeses and any dairy cuisine, fish and sushi. Recommended serving temperature: chilled at 8-10°C (46-50°F). Winemaker Notes...
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2008 Tishbi Special Reserve
Special Reserve Brut
Varietal: 100% French Colombard
Growing Region: Zichron Ya’akov
Wine Notes: This sparkling wine is both gentle and elegant. The aromas and flavors are of peach and sunflowers. Winemaker Notes...
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2011 Tishbi Vineyard Chenin Blanc  
A balance of youth and vitality, this series includes fresh wines harvested primarily from our Estate vineyards. The Tishbi Series wines are young, quality wines that complement light summer time meals of salads, cheese assortments, pasta and poultry or serve as an aperitif. With numerous "Best" editor recommendations, these wines reflect Jonathan Tishbi's commitment to produce quality wines at affordable prices. Winemaker Notes...
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2011 Tishbi Vineyard
Emerald Riesling
100% Emerald Riesling. This wine has a unique character expressed by its fruity aromas and floral finish. One is exposed to the wonderful fragrances of ripe melon and nectarines. We suggest fish dishes, cheeses, salads and appetizers as an excellent accompaniment to this wine. Recommended serving temperature: chilled at 8-10°C (46-50°F)
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2012 Tishbi Vineyard Gewurztraminer  
Wine Notes: This is a fruity wine with aromatic scents of pineapple, litchi, white peach, passion fruit and jasmine. Recommended wine accompaniment is salmon, tuna and cheeses. Alcohol by Volume: 14% Winemaker Notes...
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2011 Tishbi Vineyard
Sauvignon Blanc
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc - Wine Notes: The wonderful aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are thanks to the fertile slopes of Zichron Ya’akov. Upon tasting this wine, one experiences a rich, delicate sensation, herbaceous fragrances and fruity flavors. We suggest grilled fish and Mediterranean dishes as an excellent accompaniment to this wine.

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2011 Tishbi Vineyard Viognier Blanc  
Vineyards: Judean Hills - Varietal: 50% Viognier, 50% Riesling Wine Notes: A fruity, rich and fresh wine with a scents of Star Fruit, White Peach, Apple and Melon. Recommended to serve with soft goat cheese and ripe camembert. Also good with vegetable Quiche, white fish in the oven and pizza. Recommended serving cold. Alcohol by Volume: 12%
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